AroPectin combines the unique healing properties of Aronia and the beneficial effect of apple pectin, presented in the convenient form of a quickly soluble toning drink. Try now and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

Aronia is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature and contains 20 times more Vitamin P than apples and oranges. The pronounced medicinal properties of Aronia stand behind the creation of AroPectin – a product combining 100% natural pure apple pectin with lyophilized Aronia fruits. The result is astounding: an elixir of health with a versatile beneficial effect on the whole body.


AroPectin has a tonic effect on the body and increases vitality.


AroPectin helps alleviate the effects of stress, nervous disorders and fatigue.


AroPectin stimulates bone and muscle tissue regeneration.


AroPectin is a potent means for fighting flu and increases your defenses against viral and bacterial infections.


AroPectin is a strong diuretic and is particularly suitable for use by people with nephritis and thyroid function disruption.


Consistent intake of AroPectin three times per day before meals has been observed to effect a threefold reduction of the values in diabetes patients.


AroPectin has excellent, clinically proven, effect on hypertensive patients.


AroPectin promotes the elimination of radioactive substances from the body.


AroPectin destroys the harmful free radicals, which damage cell membranes and change the normal cellular components.

AroPectin has an expressed antiallergic affect. It is suitable for children, pregnant women and people on a diet.


AroPectin may be successfully used in the complex of means against cancer formations.


AroPectin is irreplaceable in detox diets.



I started taking NanoPectin to reduce my cholesterol level. Two months later, I had my cholesterol tested again and, to my surprise, my levels were within healthy limits. Now I continue taking NanoPectin and enjoy a life without fearing I might die of heart attack at any time.
James | 55 years
I was 12 when the accident in Chernobyl happened. I am 40 now. I was assigned to an experimental group of children who had been exposed to radiation. We took apple pectin every day for a period of three years and I have not had serious health issues, caused by the high level of radiation load.
Misha | 40 years
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