InoPectin substantially increases the effect of apple pectin, due to the addition of the active compound Inulin, which facilitates a faster and fuller assimilation into the body. If you are looking for a quick and certain result, InoPectin is exactly what you need!

InoPectin is the result of our commitment to provide a product with an extremely quick and strong effect. Thus, we boosted up the many beneficial properties of apple pectin by adding the active compound Inulin, which plays a major role in a series of processes in the human body.


The healing properties of plants containing inulin are known to humanity for more than two thousand years, inulin being the most used prebiotic in the world.


InoPectin balances the pH value in the stomach and may protect from ulcers, gastritis and other gastro-intestinal diseases.


A number of studies have shown that inulin decreases the level of blood cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose.


InoPectin is an exceptionally good help in the fight against diabetes!


The human body needs at least 10 gr of inulin daily in order to maintain a healthy state of gut flora, whereas the inulin content in the foods we commonly eat is insufficient.


Daily use of InoPectin supplies the necessary amount of inulin your body needs. It has never been so easy and convenient to be in a state of good health!


Trust InoPectin as many others have done and you will be convinced of its extraordinary properties. Learn the story of James, who managed to solve a number of health problems thanks to InoPectin.


Dietary guidelines advise increased intake of inulin by the elderly in response to the deterioration of biological functions and natural immunity. The gut flora of older adults significantly changes, resulting in increased toxicity and pathogenicity, increasing the risk of cancers, respectively.


InoPectin is the ideal solution for all those who are over 60 years of age and is a wonderful preventive measure against various types of cancer.


InoPectin keeps the immune system in excellent fighting trim and is an efficient anti-flu agent for big and small.


Check what Anabel from Colorado has to say about successfully fighting off the flu during winter months for the last 2 years and attributing it entirely to InoPectin.


Provide peace of mind for your entire family in the cold winter days!


InoPectin can protect you from a multitude of risks, starting from the flu and ending up with far more serious ailments.


I started taking NanoPectin to reduce my cholesterol level. Two months later, I had my cholesterol tested again and, to my surprise, my levels were within healthy limits. Now I continue taking NanoPectin and enjoy a life without fearing I might die of heart attack at any time.
James | 55 years
I was 12 when the accident in Chernobyl happened. I am 40 now. I was assigned to an experimental group of children who had been exposed to radiation. We took apple pectin every day for a period of three years and I have not had serious health issues, caused by the high level of radiation load.
Misha | 40 years
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