NanoPectin delivers the quantity of apple pectin necessary to your body in a soluble formulation, giving you in just a minute a pleasant drink with the taste of apple. Caring for your health has never been so easy!

The beneficial influence of apple pectin on human health has been clinically proven in a number of studies conducted during the last three decades. Learn more.


The results are evidential! Daily intake of 9 gr. of apple pectin extracted from green apples significantly reduces the level of harmful substances in the human body and can successfully protect it from various threats, such as high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes, cancer, radiation and biogenic toxicity, to name just a few.


Each sachet of NanoPectin contains 3 grams of 100% natural pure apple pectin, produced according to a precise technology from green apples grown in some of the most fertile places on earth.


Nature has provided us with an extremely potent remedy, which takes care of our well-being in a natural way, however, requires good self-discipline – something that is hard to achieve for many of us. Until recently, providing the daily dose of apple pectin was a time-consuming and bothersome task, besides being not that pleasant experience for the taste buds.


With NanoPectin, for the first time we can benefit from this effective natural solution without having to change our normal rhythm of life.


Unlike the common apple pectin, requiring laborious production methods, or the pressed pectin in tablet form, NanoPectin is an easy-to-use product, soluble in water in only 10 seconds and substantially absorbed by the body when taken in this form.


Do not hesitate! Try NanoPectin and you will see for yourself! Check what other people who take NanoPectin daily have to say.


For best results, a daily regimen of three doses of NanoPectin taken before each meal is recommended.




I was 12 when the accident in Chernobyl happened. I am 40 now. I was assigned to an experimental group of children who had been exposed to radiation. We took apple pectin every day for a period of three years and I have not had serious health issues, caused by the high level of radiation load.
Misha | 40 years
I started taking NanoPectin to reduce my cholesterol level. Two months later, I had my cholesterol tested again and, to my surprise, my levels were within healthy limits. Now I continue taking NanoPectin and enjoy a life without fearing I might die of heart attack at any time.
James | 55 years
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